Friday, 5 August 2016


The more I think about the child sex abuse inquiry the more concerned I get.

In fact the more convinced I am that something is boiling to the surface while it's becoming more and more obvious to the British public and probably the world that something very serious and very, very corrupt is going on?

Why would three separate people walk away from the chairpersons position?

I'm not even sure that one person waking away has a preceding similar occurrence, let alone three?!

They are very obviously receiving a great deal of pressure in that position.

Do you know what this invariably means? Well what it strongly suggests to me is that someone very high up or a number of people very high up are putting on this pressure. This also invariably means that people very high up are the guilty parties.

There are only three areas that these people and the pressures are coming from.

High up in government.

High up in society, think someone along the lines of Rupert Murdoch, rich owner of several large businesses. Though thinking about it, I was using him as an example as his was the only name I could think of but would explain why it stayed out of the media?

Of the highest of the high, the monarchy or 'a' monarchy I should say. There is more than one at the end of the day.

I suppose very rich celebrities could be added to that list?

It has to be guilty people with a lot of power or influence. In fact I have suspected that one out two people that everyone thought would get ... 'done' might have gotten away with it due to being linked to these people?

That's how many people think that Cliff Richard was not found guilty if it.

I mean if your involved in something heinous that involves someone that no one could actually believe would ever be ... well, charged for absolutely anything then they would think themselves pretty much protected.

I bet that if you was to speak to the victims collectively after this is over they would pretty much say the same thing? Or something very similar?

I ask myself so many questions of the country I have grown up in and simply can't believe the whispers and rumours going around that curiously never appear in the news media.

When I do think of these things then the inhuman treatment of disabled people suddenly no longer shocks me. In fact I'd go as far stating that life itself has very little, if any, value at all.

The sick and twisted wants and needs of the few in power are all they are concerned about it seems?
I wonder if you were present in revolutions in any countries that had them it all started over something very similar to what is occurring within the UK right now?

Worrying thought, is it not?

It remains to be seen how many more chairpersons will come and go and when this inquiry might reach its conclusions and therefore it's end?

I also ask myself how much this adds to the bill to the taxpayer for this fiasco?

Should not the guilty parties be billed?!

Abuse inquiry chairwoman asked to explain resignation to MPs -

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