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I often wander in my mind into strange places.

Sometimes this is prompted by something and sometimes something crops up that has my revisiting past theories.

Carl Sagan would not be pleased.

I have thought for a long time that there were one or more things in physics we had not been able to explain. One that Carl Sagan actually ruled out and was the one and only time I wondered if he was right.

Sometimes there are these strange connections I have not been able to explain. I have experienced things that no one could explain. That may be about to change.

I have often thought that there are these hidden links we were yet to discover and they existed across time and space. I have had far too many things happen for it to be coincidence alone.

I had always secretly hoped it would be discovered and explained in my lifetime but in reality I never thought it would be.

They might be about to prove that we have souls as they seem to think that your consciousness ... may ... exist in some quantum state after death.

This may sound fantastic and unlikely to some. The trouble is it is easy for us to be automatically repelled by things difficult to comprehend. But this is nothing knew and nothing that most individuals are unaware of.

but if we look at the things we do and ask ourselves why we do them then suddenly the idea that we live on, or exist on, in some state no longer looks or sounds hard to believe.

Many things I have questioned many times in the past ... going back a very long time.

Many have striven in the past to further the progress of humanity. This is an area I had always hoped to be involved with in my own life.

Even within the pages of this blog I do this. I suspected some inhumane things going on within society that no one was picking up on and many were victims of. Of course I knew I would have trouble getting people to believe. In the beginning they did not, even those closest to me. These caused a bit of a drift away from me on many occasions.

So I had to get something ... and realised that just one or even a couple of things would probably not anywhere near enough. So I decided to get a great many on everyone I suspected. These people and organisations, this counts especially if your not British, infamously take forever to do anything. Plus I would need genuine reasons to go about things.

Over a long time and as things occurred, went wrong, my health failed and symptoms drove me to the greatest distractions that would bring down my world time after time. Also mostly I had to wait until they tried something on. Until it became clear that there as a major agenda. A mission to attack large numbers of people while trying to keep the whole thing hidden from prying eyes so that no one saw the truth.

That was always going to take at least three years at my initial estimate.

So I published and posted, recorded and manipulated and I kept on going. Things were never going to remain the same and the enemy would soon learn what was going on, stand back, perform a rethink and then try again. They would always try and second guess me but the truth was I was always seeing their attempts to second guess me before they did it. So my tactics had to adapt to take  this into account. I could only continue on if I altered my tactics and left it alone long enough for them to believe they had it all wrapped up and had me on the ropes once again. They would do this when they thought I had nothing to back myself up with. This was always going to be a mistake. Pretty soon and in a few months time they are going to realise they got it wrong. Again.

I knew what was going on and I had known for a very long time.

So why did I blog about it?

To help others. To show others and as many as I could.

Because if I could show enough people then things would be forced to change. They would be found out, the illusions shattered and the public would, in unison, say "NO!"

Well all the decent, honest and compassionate ones that is as the amoral ones would not really give a toss about anyone else but themselves, which would take up most people in politics. Not all maybe, but most.

But why, or anyone else for that matter, want to change things? Presently I am well aware that because of seizures and constant blackouts I may have time for my end that is not in the too distant future? I knew I was not epileptic and that leaves something far worse. Something ... malignant.

In other words I already think that things changing will likely not happen until it is far too late for me and have to accept this is a real possibility. Because if I try to accept it now then maybe I will take it better if I am ever told this? I could get that very wrong.

But I am still trying to change things. I still think that we are holding back humanity and its progress in a way that is not too dissimilar to Galileo all those years ago. Because the perceptions that are forced or manipulated on public service staff to the general public is a very wrong and outdated one. I clearly state that this is not the way to do things and you cannot use a tiny minority as the control group, of sorts, for why you act the way you do, tell the lies that you do and treat human beings so inhumanely that animals are treated far, far better than large groups of people, numbering in the millions.

All because I believe that changes some attitudes here and there and changing practices here and there my society can progress so much faster and do so much more.

I deal with the facts. his means I like to deal with the truth. I am at heart a scientist and the letters after my name say so too. I do not believe you get anywhere by playing stupid games and trying to manipulate the public as a whole.

In the past I thought I would be helping the progress of mankind through computing, astronomy or our understanding of animals to the point that everyone realises that through animals we can understand our own planet.. You should read my theories on that ... oh yeah I never got to publish that book! Lol.

Animals have behaviours and they also have paths. These paths can leave traces that go back hundreds or thousands of years. I spotted them a long time ago and then I saw evidence that other scientists had in fact spotted this. I saw it in Europe while I read that others spotted it in Costa Rica. It showed that the planet was not only warming up but that it had been doing this a very, very long time indeed. Many I spoke to about this realised that this was about global warming and that many of the scientists fighting each other for TV space over this had gotten it wrong. They could be right in part but on the whole they got it wrong.

A great many I have spoken to over the years now believe this is why there was a sudden name change from 'global warming' to 'climate change'. What activists wanted to change was not a bad idea at all ... it just had only a very weak link to global warming and they had not considered the consequences if they had their wishes granted.

Many only view the battle before them but never stand back and see the whole war. This results in a great many eggs all being piled into a giant basket. A giant basket that could end up being the wrong one and have very dire consequences for getting it wrong.

These things take time, effort, money and resources and if you use them all up building one big basket you have no material left to build another basket of the first one in the wrong type.

What you have had is so many wanting to make a name for themselves they would simply grasp the first straws they could reach and tell you it is wheat, when really it was all chaff.

Many other before me and many famous ones too have all striven to change things and to change attitudes. Some have succeeded while others have fallen by the wayside. Those that fall result in us being held back. But still there are those that would come forward with similar plights and still they would do everything in their power to succeed.

Why do we do this?

Maybe it is because deep in our psyche that we know we will return? Maybe those that were not happy with things wanted them resigned to the history books on their next tour of duty?

Why did life and animals evolve? Why are we the only ones that have been able to leave the planet? I often ask myself even as an expert on animals why all these forms of life would evolve when one day the sun will burn out and all life will end? What is the ultimate purpose for life to exist? Why would life appear only to die? If the soul lives on do we come back again in the body of humans or is it possible we could come back as animals? I bet native Americans have one or two things to say about that last comment?

But for all our progress and the years since space travel and exploration started we are currently at the stage were, literally, a handful of people live just outside the atmosphere ... in over sized bean tins. We have just managed to film and photograph what we thought was the outermost planet in our solar system except now we know there is a bloody shed load more we know nothing about. Now we have another, as they call it, true planet five times the mass of our own planet swinging way out on the solar systems edges before swinging back in. Now they find another one that is moving in the opposite direction around the sun than every single other object and on a different plane too?! We know more about planets around other stars than we do some of our own.

The life of our sun is not in any way infinite and how much longer it lasts us is all estimated guesses at best. We simply do not know. The sun's expected ending or even just sudden evolving is not the only threat to life on Earth and there is a list.

Nature has its reason fr life to have evolved and it was not meant to just die needlessly so it was meant to continue on. That means we have to expand beyond our own planet and onto others and the most likely in another star system very far from here. Otherwise what would be the point? There has to be a point. Doesn't there?

I think that very question that man started to ask is likely how religions came about in the first place? To make some sense and meaning into our own existence? This is what I firmly believe.

So do we have something that could be perceived as a soul? Most likely. Can we make sense of it? Definitely, no. We may do .. one day.

Maybe one day we can get rid of naivety on a large scale and get rid of other things that come attached with human nature that are not that pretty? The things about us we do or think about that we do not like in ourselves?

Fortunately change and progress comes with possessing both wisdom and knowledge. Unfortunately these attributes are not widely spread. Maybe one day they will be and the world and the society within it will become a very different place?

I wonder if each country realised that Earth was going to become inhabitable and each built a fully operational rocket ship to head out to the stars ... would they travel together in a large fleet or would they all head out in opposite directions to get away from each other?

I wonder if anyone will ever get the hidden meaning within the question I just posed?

Physicists Claim that Consciousness Lives in Quantum State After Death

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