Friday, 26 May 2017


Good God, I hate betting right.

Well .. that might not sheets be the case. But it will stay that way until I see and hear things that will lead to positive changes. This will inevitable lead to positive attitudes.

As much as I would like to see that day come my guess is it won't.

Because the government and bloody idiots running Britain fail completely to see the inevitable outcome of their stupidity, holier than thou attitudes and extreme lack of foresight.

With each person in the UK killed for one failure or another you don't just affect them but the people closest to them.

No I don't mean idiots in the news that state that everyone is stead fast and we won't change after nearly two dozen children were killed.


This didn't happen directly to you and if I lost a loved one I would not have this 'love conquers all' naive attitude.

In fact I've been a victim of these extremists almost twice now and someone I know came within a hair's breadth of being affected directly.

Both our attitude are harsh and his are far more harsh than mine. Trust me on that and he is not the one I've with harsh attitudes towards all this either.

Anyone directly affected that believes peace will reign one day is either naive or a fool.
I am no fool.

But back into the subject matter ...

A body has just announced that according to them the number of jobless is going to rise from 2018 onwards.

Great. I reckon by 2020 there will be no shops open at all on Enfield Town!

The more people that are unemployed and the more that people working are finding out impossible to get by, I heard nurses are going to food banks now, the more there are that find they have no disposable income.

That means the people slowing their spending or indeed stopping spending altogether, rises.

This means more shops closing so more people unemployed and therefore more ... well you get the idea. It's a downward spiral that can't be stopped by attacking small factions of society that don't have much already.

In fact .. I may have seen a sign that this tough time might be getting through to the higher echolons of society.
The Swiss watch industry, so we are talking Rolex/Omega/Tag Heuer/Jaeger LeCoultre/Aldemars Piguet and others, are in trouble. I read a report that stated that Baselworld, watch industry expo type thing held in Switzerland every year, was recently a ghost town. This had been been seen before and neither had the fact that exports have declined for three years running.

Three years running? Does that sound bad to you? Well what if I told you that this had not happened since the 1930's?

Not bad enough for you?

OK, now try to guess whether or not these imports are likely to rise next year? You reckon not?
Now try to imagine how far back you will have to go before that has happened before? Four years in a row?

Now ask yourself if it's likely to improve in 2019? 2020?

Yeah the forecast is not good.

It's not a good forecast for most but one had to wonder what it is that forces them to resist taxing the rich people and companies higher than they current are?!

So these rich people, who after all will be extremely influential in their associated countries and they're governments, are partly responsible purely because of their influence.

But like everyone else who is responsible they don't want to pay. Despite the fact it will have zero affect on their lives, other than bragging rights over Caviar and during waltzes to Johann Strauss.
No they would rather people with little money and disabilities pay despite not being aware, somehow, that they are pissing up wind.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: UK unemployment rate to rise in 2018, says EY Item Club -

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